Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween-Candy Corn: Candy Corn Tutu

I tried out my hand at sewing a candy corn on a onsie this Halloween costume go 'round. 
I know there are a lot of ways to make a tutu, but I like to sew ribbon onto a piece of elastic.  This allows you to stretch, or shrink the tutu as much as necessary.  It also allows you to tie a cute bow on the back of a tutu. 
This time around, I bought about half a yard (each) of white, yellow, and orange tulle, and then I sloppily cut about 2 inches down the width of the fabric.  I folded it in half 3 times, and with the third fold, I tied a knot onto the elastic, and then snipped the loops so it's now fluffy, raggedy, tulle.
I tied until it reached  'full tutu.' 
I sewed a candy corn shape onto the onsie.  I added rick rack b/c rick rack makes me happy.  (Next time I'm going to paint a candy corn onto a onsie.)
And another bow for the hair (I listed the source for the clips on last week's Boo Tutu post).  Every candy corn needs a hair accessory. 
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Erin said...

Oh my gosh! Cutest thing ever!!! My daughter is going to be a candy corn witch this year. She LOVES candy corn. She would flip for a candy corn tutu. Too bad I can't sew (AT ALL!) =o(

allison @ said...

stinkin cute! I have a niece that would be precious in such an outfit! Gotta love the tutus!!

Ash said...

Loving it! So cute!

Inspired2cook said...

How cute is that!!! Nice work!!!

Sarah said...

Hi! I love this craft and I featured it on my blog, Tastefully Crafted. Great job!

hoyby said...

I am SUCH a sucker for tutus!! This one is particularly adorable! I totally wanna make a Pittsburgh Steelers one! Thanks for the great idea!