Sunday, October 03, 2010

Halloween-A Week of Ghost

Strangely enough...I'm about to have a week of Halloween ghost themed projects.  I realized I was collecting quite a collection of Halloween ghost projects as I was moving through the season, and before I knew it...I had a week's worth of ideas stored.  The irony, I guess, is I don't believe in spooky ghost, or luck-good or bad, superstitions, and hauntings-just not me.  I just think they are fun in a Scooby Doo sort of way....the end.  I have a few past projects, and I've now created a 'ghost' label, which is still...weird for me.  I was originally just going to do a week of Halloween, but what I found was that I actually had to break it up into two different themes, and the rest I'm just inserting as I feel like it!  I feel like it almost every day between now and Halloween, but who's judging?  Really, who's judging?  We need to talk b/c I don't take judgement well.  Or not, it's best if I don't know you are judging.  And without further ado...a week of useless Halloween Ghost Projects...


Anji* said...

I am loving your ghostly projects, please don't put them down! useless? never!

I am exactly the same as you, in that I don't believe in anything spooky, lucky, superstitious etc. But I love the fun element the same as you too!