Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Texas State Fair

Howdy Folks,
I L-O-V-E the State Fair of Texas.  No, really, we are in love.  Forever.  'Til death do us part.  I've been more than thirty times.  I know, because I go every year.   Please, don't do the math.    I've been more than once a year on many occasions.  This year, we had musical tickets, so admission was free since we were headed inside to see the evening show of Shrek.  I have to just expound upon one very tragic event.  I forgot my camera battery.  I did not, however, forget my camera or the two additional lenses weighing well over ten pounds that I had to lug around all day without benefit of any pictures to show for it.  My Mom, by some miracle, brought along her digital camera, rare, since I usually take 8,123,543 shots an hour.  So....I semi-got-over-it, but am pretty sure I need to go again to REALLY get over it.  Then, I need to spend a month to 5 years in therapy to talk about my feelings a little more in depth regarding this tragic event.  The weather could not be any prettier to go and stuff your face at the three week/four weekend extravaganza.  I don't spend a lot of time on the Midway....minus a stop or three for a corn dog.
...but I love all the colors, games, rides, and noises as I use it as a pathway from one building to the other. 
The thing Texas is known for is the Fletcher's Corny Dog.  If you have known me for more than five seconds, you also know this is not a topic you should discuss with me because it will open a whole can of obnoxious.  I will say, each year the fair has a 'fried food' contest to see what's new and innovative in the world of friend food.  From fried twinkies, to fried s'mores, fried poptarts, fried coke, fried butter, fried bacon, fried beer, fried margarita, fried cheesecake, and my favorite this year, fried frito pie. 
These don't even scratch the surface of fried heaven/AKA a hospital's future cardiac wing. 
There are tons of buildings to look in as well.  They all have the 'Art Deco' Design...
Food and Fiber, Barns, Shows, Woman's Museum, Science, History, Food (yes, two),  The Cotton Bowl (With weekly rivalries.  Go, Baylor!), two buildings filled with the newest car models, and my favorite, the crafts.  The crafts include everything you'd expect from fellow crafting Texans, and live cooking competitions. 
Sign...Me...Up, (to be a judge, that is).  They also have a blue ribbon cookbook they sell every year filled with the previous year's winners.  I have bought copies the last five or so years, so I guess you could say it's a new/old tradition.
...and just in case I forgot to mention it, I love the State Fair.  A Lot.
P.s.  So guess what, despite the fact that I didn't have 'my camera this year' I threw a few of the pictures I did take online, this picture ran in Friday's paper (Neighbor's Go) along with three others from people who entered photos. 
It's not the winner, but it's always fun to see a paper in print!! 
One other fun note, my photo that did win last year runs on all the pages advertising the photo contest, and is online as the button to go to the State Fair links.  They don't run my name near it anymore, but I'm OK just knowing he's my corn dog face. 


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

a fried margarita???

It all sounds great!! You guys are one lucky couple :)

The Autocrat: Haley said...

I live in Texas too! Oh how the State Fair is the best!! It's fair time in Central Texas where I am, and I love it too!! And I love hearing about all the fried stuff.

Jami said...

You know I HEART The Fair, too! Haven't had a chance to get any of my photos up. (Not wild about looking at them as I'm still bound to the ol' point and shoot.) I LOVED the Fried Frito Pie, too!! Yummers. I was trying to convince a mom during our WALK TO SCHOOL day that The Fair is the most Awesome of all fairs. I just hate it when people don't "get it." OK. Will go now, but I just love that you love the fair, too.

Becs said...

Christy I love these photos!! I made it to the Texas State Fair this time last year and had a ball!

- Becs @ Stiletto Studio

Erin said...

Fried Frito Pie??? I think I'm in heaven!!!

Lori said...

The best thing you love is the schools close for Fair Day!