Christmas: A Week of Gingerbread

Saturday, November 13, 2010
I understand I'm skipping a holiday, in fact, one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  I'll get back to Thanksgiving, but I decided to pause and post a week of gingerbread projects I've been working on over the last few months because I think December may be be taken over by homemade gift post.   Actually, it's more than a week of gingerbread 'stuff'...9 projects to come, and then I had to actually make myself stop, and throw some to post in December.  I was afraid there was a ginger police that would take me away.   And when I say police, I mean psychiatrist.  I love gingerbread everything.  My friend Mary collects gingerbread men, well, she did until she acquired one of everything.  They completely take over her entire kitchen, and most of her house, and it makes me happy to see.  Last year, I invited my female cousin's over a few days before Christmas, and we decorated gingerbread men to represent each of our family members, which caused a lot of laughs.  I used them as my place cards on Christmas.  More on that later...and lots more gingerbread to come.  But first, my first giveaway....And when I say give away-I's *you* take it off my hands, or I start tossing this stuff in the garbage.  Crafts are taking over my life, and I'm one knock way from a Hoarders episode.  Then again...I always thought I might dig TV stardom....fine, I'll hold off on the star wagon...for now...on to the giveaway...

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Anji* said...

We love gingerbread!
I love your 'week of...'s :)