New Year's Champagne Cupcakes

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
I'm sure this has been done before, but....this is my version, from my head.  Instead of trying to flavor a cupcake 'like champagne'....I think nothing says, "Happy New Year's" like confetti.  You can buy these great boxed cake mixes with the confetti already mixed inside. 

Or mix your own stash of sprinkles into a white cake mix. 
I made most of my cupcakes in mini, using these supplies: 

  • Mini champagne glasses.  I found these at the thrift store...donated from a wedding, but I've also seen them at the Dollar Tree, and every craft store in the wedding favor section.  They are much more affordable when feeding a crowd than trying to find large champagne glasses for a large crowd of people.

  • I used a whipped, vanilla icing on the cupcakes to hold on the champagne bubbles.

  • For the Bubbles:  Wilton sells these white round 'bubble's in mass, or they have jars of sprinkles that are white and round.  I think the most affordable (and tasty) way to add bubbles are white Sixlets.  I've found them at a bunch of Candy Stores (after purchasing these Wilton candies for my trial run).  They also have vanilla whoppers you can grab if you want a variety of bubble sizes. 
I did make a few larger cupcakes, just to test out which idea I'd fall more deeply in love with. 

These would be really fun to serve at midnight along with a fun toast, but I have to tell you, I think I'm going with a tower of the mini cupcakes with confetti scattered around the base.    Mini always wins my heart. 
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Lori said...

Woah baby, New Year's. Get me through Christmas first! But, super cute idea as usaual. Enjoy your break.

Anji* said...

They look super cute, another great idea Christy!

Sugar Swings said...

omgosh what a cool idea! I love it!!!!

HoosierHomemade said...

Very cool! They really do look like a glass of champagne! And I love the confetti cake idea!
Thanks for joining the Cupcake Challenge and posting New Year's "early" :-)

Party Heartee said...

what a great idea! These would look great in those pretty silver cupcake wrappers with your confetti idea!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

ok..You're killing me with all these ideas!! I want to do ALL of them!!!

Amanda said...

This looks great! I featured you today! Hope you had a great holiday!