(Microwaved) Homemade Chips

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
This is a really easy recipe using the microwave for chips.  I actually meant to bake these in the oven, but I sorta, kinda, might have spilled melted crayon wax all over the bottom of my oven, which makes for a very smoky, ummm....flavorful combination of grossness I want to stay away from!  One internet search later, here's a simple recipe. 
Microwaved Homemade Potato Chips: 
Slice potatoes really thin, toss in olive oil, and kosher salt (to taste).  Lay flat in a sprayed baking dish.  Microwave for 4 minutes.  If potato chips are not crisp, continue to microwave at one minute intervals until crisp. 


Anonymous said...

LOL (at crayon wax in your oven) and you find the greatest recipes!! Who knew you could make chips in the microwave? You can't go wrong with olive oil and kosher salt....they look delish!!

Lori said...

Yum, I can't believe they are microwaved!

Erin said...

Love your blog and your kitchen. Is that an ME cherry bowl on the top of your cabinet in your post about the backsplash? Love it. My kitchen is also in cherries.


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I've never seen a microwave chip recipe. I have to try this. Thanks!

Christy said...

These look delicious! If only I had not used my last potatoes in last nights turkey meatballs!
I posted your flowers on the missions blog. Your comment was very sweet about being interested in missions. I love the field!!!


--Christy (PS So refreshing to find someone else who spells our name correctly.)

littlelixie said...

Wonder if this would work with sweet potatoes too....Nom.