Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abbey Road 'Painting'

My cousin, Jimmy, loved the Beatles as a teenager.  I don't know if he currently loves them to the same level as before, but in my mind, I associate the Beatles with him, so when I saw this idea....I HAD to try it out.  On occasion I fall so in love with an idea, I literally get in my car and go get the supplies, come home, and complete the project mere hours after the idea was first brought to my attention.  This was one of those projects for me. 
     This past Christmas I personalized some guitar picks for him, but I needed something more.  I saw this idea on TT Scraps blog during her Christmas gift sharing ideas, she saw the idea  here.  Did I mention how great I think this idea is?
    I'm attaching my steps so I remember for the future, but be sure to check out the original links.  My picture is smaller, and I used mustard yellow as a back drop because yellow is my cousin's favorite color, but both samples are really incredible, and a little different painting techniques are used with both.
    Here's the process I took. 
Canvas, a print out picture of Abbey Roads album cover (google), I used my Xerox for adhesive, spray glue would work as well, paint of any color, scissors, brush. 
I painted my canvas yellow, cut out 'the beatles' and ran them through my Xerox to make them sticky. 
 I pressed them down to the canvas (the better the seal, the less seeping....I had a few issues here, but it's my lack of patience, and not so much the process. 
Next I used black to paint, drizzle, and splatter. 
When the paint dried, my Beatles stickers peeled right off.  I debated on writing a quote on a front, but decided to ultimately sign and date the back, and I wrote a Beatles line I love in scrawled penmanship on the back of the canvas that was appropriate for the childhood my cousin and I shared, "I believe in yesterday." 


tt.scraps said...

Love it!!! Great job! It was fun, huh?!? I thought it way easier than I expected too! Thx for linking back to me and I'm happy to inspire as you do the same for me! :)
Tammy. (tt.scraps)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing and will also check out the links! Kerri

Carol said...

This is awesome! My daughter is a huge Beatles fan which suprised me since I was a big fan way back when they (I) were young.

Jennifurla said...

very creative

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

Wow! I love these too!

And I'm a new follower :)


Deb said...

what a cool idea...

tt.scraps said...

I had forgotten you had done this!!! YAY!!! See...we are besties! :)