Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cinco de Mayo: Lost Shaker of Salt Margarita Bath Set

I saw this fun idea for making a margarita bath set at GreenbeanCrafterole.  I had some extra soap left over from a project I'm going to share in a few days, and I decided to try this idea out, and add a little slice of lime soap. 
As for the towel (Greenbean had fuzzy green socks)....I folded it at a diagonal. 
Folded in again. 
..and again...
Rolled, and inserted into a glass I snagged at the Dollar Tree. 
As far as the soap goes....I used about two cubes of soap mix, melted it down as the package instructed, added a scent I had on hand, and one drop of green, and then I poured it into the bottom of a plastic cup.  It dried without about 20 minutes.  (More on this process in a few days).  I then cut the cup away. 
I filed off the cups recycling logo, and printed of a 'lime slice' about the size of my soap. 
I placed the lime slice picture I printed from online over the soap, and wrapped in syran wrap. 
I added a mix of baking soda, epsom salt, and a drop of sent to the salt shaker to sprinkle in a bath and create a 'soft' water, and thus, soft skin. 
Here she is...a soft towel, fun soap, and a little salt for that bath. 


tt.scraps said...

Love this idea!!!! Great job And love greenbean too! :)

J+S said...

I love this idea. I just discovered your blog and I am in like and will be reading going forward. You have such great ideas. I found your link in a link party on Be Different Act Normal, and I plan to feature two things on my blog tomorrow from your Cinco de Mayo party. I will link and credit back to you. Please let me know if this is a problem in any way. Also, would you mind sharing the source for your lime slice printable?


Cristine said...

That is TOO cute. I have to make some of those!

South 35th said...

cute, cute, cute.....

This with a bottle of the real stuff would make someone my bestie any day!

Chandeen @ Designed by Chance said...

Brilliant, love it :)

Alexis said...