Push Up Pop Cupcakes

Monday, April 04, 2011
 I died this week.  I saw this fab-u-lous idea via Tori Spelling's daughter's celebrity birhtday.  If I ever go into business, I'm sending her my stuff b/c this took off like any good internet virus.  These have been all over the net.  I did not pass go, I went and bought the pop containers right away.  I went to Etsy, and they were pricey, so I went and bought them whole sale in mass.  They were still expensive, but I decided to sell my left overs at cost to get some back, and get a better deal on what I got.  I will be hosting lots of parties (my happy place) over the next year for lots of fun reasons (more to come) and these will be playing center stage in a big way.  I'll be jazzing them up with ribbons, and stickers, but I had to give a few ago while I was baking cake for another project.
Here are the containers....

 ...add an iced mini cupcake.
 ...and another.
 Sprinkle and cap.  The caps are the best part...think of all the desserts that could live here?
 I'm going to call 911 now and tell them I need to have someone come revive me. 
Push pop goodness.  I can't get enough....I hope I'm not the only one b/c...these are about to explode at all upcoming events I'm hosting! 
P.s.  Yes, these work for ice cream, the fit is tight, you could also add puddings, layed fruits....oh...the...possibility. 

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