Monday, April 11, 2011

Teacher Appreciation: School Wreath

I saw this adorable wreath here at Yesterday on Tuesday.  I fell in love, and decided I could not live one more school year without trying this out.  I didn't use any scraps b/c I like to cling to any excuse I can find to acquire more paper.  With that in mind, I bought this super cute stack of school paper. 
I also snagged some little pins, and then I cut the paper to 3/3 squares.  (Since it was one sided paper, I found it looked best when I glued two pieces together so both sides have print.) 
I folded at the diagonal along both sides. 

I then snipped about 3/4 of the way down all four creases. 
I then folded down the same edge towards the center along all four triangles.  I pushed the pin through the middle to hold it into place. 
I also snagged a heart, some 'school' letters to make the 'We' Ruffle, and I painted a chalkboard, as the original wreath had in store.  I placed the pinwheels all over the front of the styrofoam, and the sides.  The pins weren't strong enough (or big enough) to truly hold the whole pinwheel onto the styrofoam, so I did use a hot glue gun and some dabs behind and between to hold everything down.  I'm giving this to my boss for her office. 


Erin said...

This is really cute, Christy!

JenniferL said...

I love the wreath! I wish one of my kids would make me that!

malia said...

wonderful project christy! your stuff is always so cute! malia

Mr Luchador said...
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Mr Luchador said...

If we really talk about what teacher is, then they deserve much more than this.
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