Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thumbprint Ornament

I guess it's a TAD bit early for this, but I have so many crafts already set to post in December... no more will fit.  I'm going to have to start spreading them out throughout the year. 
Anyway, this idea certainly isn't restricted to Christmas, in fact, the original link had these hanging from the passenger rearview, or how about a thumb print tie tack square for Father's Day? 
My cousin's little girl and I started a tradition (she just doesn't know it yet) of 'making' an ornament together each year, and sure, she's totally gifted and all, but she was 3 months shy of two when we made this little dangle to add to her collection.  Her first Christmas, her Mom held her (squirming) while we pressed her hand around a glass ornament, that I later decorated
This year I had her Mom hold her (again) while we pressed her thumb into this little guy.  It's off center, and nail marks were added in her investigation of the clay, but I love it because of all of those factors. 
I used some Sculpey I bought at the craft store, and a mini cookie cutter.  The hardest part was massaging the Sculpey to be pliable so I could press it down and cut it out. 
Before I baked it (as instructed on the back) I added Blythe's name, a little hole for a ribbon, and the year. 
Last, I added a ribbon.  This will get a package to live in, and then be shipped on it's way for Blythe to add to her collection.  I remember each year my Mom telling me the 'story' behind my ornaments, and I hope someday she has a link to our love through these little guys. 


Jennifer said...

So cute! What a great idea - and I'm sure she'll treasure it always!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is a really cute idea, Christy. My oldest paints a wooden ornament every year, but I may have to try something like this for this year.