Saturday, June 25, 2011

eat Plate

I've seen a couple plates with this life altering saying written across them throughout the net, including a super cute buy on Lori's blog.  I didn't know where I could buy my own, and so I used the process of pencil/stencil/ceramic pen that I used when making my face plates (instructions here).  I printed out the word eat,  penciled, then ceramic markered it on the plate, baked on 'eat,' and now I'll never have to be confused about what I'm supposed to do when I find food on this plate.  I'm gathering a collection of red/white/black plates for my kitchen....because I can. 


Kelley said...

Hi, Christy!

I just completed a post on my blog, Kelley Highway, that will be posted August 29. For our daughter's wedding's guestbook, I was inspired by Mary's Thanksgiving tablecloth idea that you highlighted on your blog last fall.

I just finished the wedding guest(book) tablecloth this week and it turned out lovely!

To repeat, I will post the tablecloth photos August 29. Since the April 9 wedding, I've done a Monday series on my blog I titled "Dear MOB." It's been a lot of fun, and this guest(book) tablecloth idea will be part of that series.

Thanks again, Christy, and I'm so glad I came across Mary's idea on your blog!

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