Fancy Nancy Gift Set

Monday, June 06, 2011
Official day one of summer vacation...and I'm deep into the Christmas gift plans.  Some of my gifts I won't post about until closer to Christmas, but I figured this was a safe gift to post.  I've got quite a few plans for my friend's kiddos revolving around books this particular interactive 'stuff' to go with the book and make it come alive (only a phrase a teacher would say....I know).  This Fancy Nancy gift sert is for Blythe.  I've decided it's time to introduce her to Fancy Nancy, the girl loves her accessories, and I think she's going to be able to identify with Nancy's need for fancy things in her life.  I found a hard copy of the book at my new obsession-Thrift  The books are used, and the shipping is free, the condition of this book was great.  I bought a box to store accessories, and then hunted down a bunch of....uhhhs...treasures. 
 Gloves, slippers, tiara, and a tutu skirt all from Walmart (you could make your own tutu, and normally I would, but I already made Blythe a tutu!).
 Wands (two), sunglasses, and a boa from Michael's, along with the pink box they will all live in upon gifting this set. 
The 'jewels' are from Taylor at work, she rescued me while I was hunting down plastic pearls.  I've sent about 7,000,000 bracelets this year, so she can add those as well. 
Everything but the book fits in the box so her Mom and dad can store them for her between reading and interacting. 

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Jo said...

Ok, if I die tomorrow, I would seriously ask if I could come back as a baby related to you. Or perhaps as one of your dogs. But, truly, you do have to best gifts!!

Holly said...

OMG...she is going to LOVE it! My little one loves Fancy Nancy. Never thought of doing an interactive dress up with the book though. She would love that too! Thanks for sharing!

Susan Nichols said...

She is sooo going to love Fancy Nancy! She also has a 'Tea Party' Book. Which after my daughter read..we had to throw a tea party and invite friends. It is such a wonderful book set! Enjoy!

Ashley said...

fancy nancy rocks!!! this is awesome

Karima said...

Hi from your newest google follower/s, saw you on Handmade Tuesdays, please pop by, Karima from