Monday, June 27, 2011

Felt Flower Part Two....

So, with this, I think I've officially completed every project on every blog I've ever visited.  Almost.  I've seen these felt flowers everywhere....and I love them every time I've seen them.  Of course, when I went to make my own, I could only find a youtube video to take me through the process, but it's pretty easy. 
Cut a bunch of circles (I used a little less than one sheet of felt, which made a 3x3 inch flower). 
Keep one circle for the base, and then fold the other pieces in half, and then in half again. 
Then I started gluing them down onto the cirlce, after the first layer of four half traingles that fit down perfectly, I stacked more on top until I had a full flower. 
I added a pin to the back. 
I decided to give this felt flower a home, so I grabbed a book bag I bought at Hobby Lobby, sewed a 'colar' onto the bag using scrap fabric.
I added the pin, and then gave it away.  This was a matter of doing it for the sake of doing it.