July 4th: Patriotic Chain Decoration

Sunday, June 12, 2011
I saw this really cute chain featured here last July, and I decided to add it to my list.  You can download the font that looks like handwriting paper for free here.  I bought some handwriting paper in the school supply aisle at the grocery store, and I typed some patriotic phrases, and just let it print at random, sometimes hitting the line, sometimes missing, but the impact is the same for me. 
I used some scalloped scissors I bought for a buck at the craft store. 
I glued these down to colored paper for a little pop, and then used double sided 'stuff' to put together my rings. 
My plan was to send these to my best friend as a countdown to her husbands return from Iraq, but....my good itentions and my actual agenda didn't work as well as I planned, so....plan B.  Not as thoughtful, but....there it is anyway...

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