Saturday, June 04, 2011

Tie Onsie

I've seen this idea over...and over again on the net.  I wish I could give credit to one person, but I think I've admired each and every once, but never closely.  To begin with, it's not my idea, but I thought it was a great one to try out for my friend's little guy's first birthday.  I sent a savings bond, but I wanted something to throw with it so there was something to unwrap.  I promise myself not to send boring clothes when he's old enough to care.  At this point, I think the paper is the most important part of the present!  This would also be cute for t-shirts, or father's day photos. 
I cut out the shape of a tie with some scrap fabric, and this iron on 'stuff.'  You peel one side and iron it to the fabric, then peel off the second and iron it onto the shirt/onsie.  You don't have to sew it on, it supposedly sticks, or can be pressed back down with an iron if the ends curl, but I usually iron it on for looks. 
I also sewed some 'stripes' along the tie before place it on the onsie for looks.  It would be cute with red thread as well, but that requires changing out the bobbin.  Some things are just too hard.  Or is it...sometimes, I'm just too lazy? 
I don't actually expect/or want an answer to that last one!  I'll use my imagination to guess the response of friends.