Chalk: Chalkboard Gift Tags

Monday, August 01, 2011
The great thing about a gift tag made with chalkboard paint....if you get made at the recipient, you can just erase the name and scribble on a new recipient.  I'm thinking my Mom should be safe this holiday season, never know.  I've seen these around in all shapes and forms, so this is my version.  I've also seen a lot of chalkboard scrapbook paper coming out on the net.  Spray some tag board and you can do the same thing....for a lot less than it's selling for right now.  The sell tagged shaped wooden pieces, but I just bought a pack with rectangular pieces, and sawed and sanded down a tag shape (I've been trying to search for a purpose for that silly saw I didn't end up needing for an emergencies that involved winter, a pipe, and the entire wall of my bathroom that needed to replaced after the problem was 'fixed'). 
These wooden chips had small holes, but I used a nail to create a larger one for my ribbon.  I used these wooden chips a few years ago for Blythe's family picture match game cards.  I have a feeling there are some burlap or brown craft paper wrapped gifts with these tags attached in my near future. 


The Pineapple Room said...

So cute Christy....thanks for the idea! Love these!

Tam said...

Great idea! Thanks