Thursday, August 04, 2011

Chalk: Chalkboard Wand

I saw this wand at CraftedBlog...hello, wands+chalkboard paint, am I in heaven?  As if chalkboard spray isn't magic enough.  I did not walk...I ran...fine, I drove down to Hobby Lobby and I found a star on a stick...wait...on-a-stick....get out the defibrillator...anyway, they had stars in the unfinished wood section (garden stakes etc). 
I sprayed it with my trusty can of chalkboard paint, conveniently stored under my pillow...almost. 
I added a little glitter paint to the edges.  I then performed a little magic.  I turned this little bad dog.
Into two big  bad dogs. 
Let me know if you'd like me to come perform any tricks at your house....k?


Kris said...

Could you possible wave that wand and change my double sized butt to a single sized ?
that's all I'm asskin for ;)

Kris said...

HUGE apology for my previous comment! I actually thought I was on someone else's blog...someone I know....
Obviously you know nothing about my butt and I should be more careful about what I am doing!

Aileen said...

ROTFL if she can make magic with your butt I want one of those wands for MY big butt too LOLOL