Pull Tab Pinata's

Sunday, August 07, 2011
I've been making pinatas all weekend.  I have some more complex instructions I'll be posting over the next few weeks, and some variations on this particular project.  Here is a bumblebee pinata tutorial from last May.  I love tablescapes, and favors.  They are just so personal....and so festive.  I also love anything in miniature. ...and to say dessert is my favorite course would be an understatement.   I saw the idea for using pinatas as a wedding favor, and I decided to adapt this idea to a fiesta and use these as a table setting....filled with dinner desserts. 
First, some really simple pinata making instructions.  I blew up a small balloon to about 5 inches. 
 Shred newspaper.
 I poured about 2 T. of glue into one cup of water.  (If newspaper is lifting up from the balloon once it dries, add more glue to the next go 'round, it's a forgiving medium). 
 Dip newspaper shreds into glue/water mix and begin creating a layer, overlapping a little. 
 Cover the entire balloon, and let it dry. 
 Repeat again.....
 ...and again.
 In fact, the more layers, the harder the pinata.  I do at least 10 layers of newspaper glue/water. 
Cut strips of tissue (about 2 inches wide).  Fold, and slice halfway down on the fold. 
 Create a line of glue around the pinata. 
 Begin attaching ruffled tissue.  Create layers on top of layers. 
 Once the balloon is completey covered and decorated as desired, pop and remove the balloon. 
At this point you can fill your balloon with pinata mix....
 ...OR...better yet, dessert!  Make the balloon's hole a little larger and add your favorite fiesta foods:  Pecan Sandies, Chewy Pralines, Hot Pepper Sugar Cookies (I made these using 1/2 of a heart shaped sugar cookie), and Chicklets. 
 Tie a piece of candy to a string with a tag attached. 
 Place the candy in the hole, but leave the string out. 
Cover the hole with a piece of tissue paper. 
 Add the name of your guest. 
At the end of dinner guest can pull on the tag to find out what's on the dessert menu....assuming they don't read your blog entry before the dinner party. 


Erin said...

Super cool Christy! Can't wait to try this!

buggin2stamp said...

This is such a cool idea! I love the idea! I can't wait to try this out. I may make my boyfriend one for his birthday coming up. I know he would like it. Thanks for sharing this.

Kelly said...

I love the pull tab idea! I saw you make this on Good Morning Texas. Great Job!!!!