Saturday, August 27, 2011

Strawberry Chocolate Bar

I was going to save this idea (that I saw at toochic'sblog while looking for a way to use up strawberries) for Valentine's Day.  BUT  I had some strawberries....and a need for chocolate this week and I decided I'd be my own early Valentine.  Also, by saying this now, when I post a week of Pumpkin projects this next week, hopefully nobody will be upset that I'm ready for fall'll just be glad I'm not already worrying about Valentine's Day crafts(publicly).  Anyway, this was super easy, required two ingredients, and was spec-tacular.  And if you were wondering, myself said yes to my request to be my own Valentine.  I think we will be happy together. 
If you want to be your own Valentine, strawberries are really cheap right now.  I washed and cut the tops off 8 strawberries. 
They sell chocolate molds that will make chocolate bars, but I decided to be creative (or was it lazy?) and I just used a small tupperware lid I found.  I melted chocolate (at 30 second intervals, stir, repeat...about 1 minute) and poured it into the mold to just cover the bottom. 
 While it was still warm, I placed my strawberries on top. 
 I then used the rest of the chocolate to dump over the strawberries.  It hardened quickly against the cold strawberries (as seen on the right).  I still placed it in the fridge, and the tupperware lid made it easy to pop out of the mold awhile later. 
 Keep it refrigerated between nibbles.  ...oh my. 
 This may be my favorite chocolate to strawberry ratio thus far....and that's saying a lot.  It's a medium I love to play with only because I pretend I'm getting in a fruit group when I shuffle down chocolate with hints of strawberry.  You could do this with any fruit.  I wrapped this guy in wax paper, and added my current favorite addition-twine.  ...and if I need to whip these up for Valentine's...or broaden my gift giving base, I now know.  Easy.  Cute.  ...and did I mention delicious? 

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Heather said...

Great idea. Yum yum yum. I could see making many of these as gifts. My fridge will be a sea of tupperware lids!

Tanya said...

That looks so good. And a great time of year to post since strawberries are in season:)

misschocolat said...

Hello.What a great idea.I will try it.I think the taste is heavenly.See you soon.