Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Water Bottle Favors

 I saw this idea a month or so ago on Home Confetti and fell in love.  How simple, and so cute....and healthy considering all the other things we (me) consume around this time of year, flavored water, sure! 

Pull the label off a water bottle, attach a straw and one of the individual size drink packages, draw a pumpkin face with a permanent marker, have the kiddos add the drink mix whenever they are ready, and ta da, a great little gift for anyone with a little magic attached.  Speaking as a teacher, these would be great to send up for a class as sugar coursing through their veins as we attempt to teach, yes, please. 


malia said...

what a great idea christy... you are so creative

RoseMarie said...

Your bottles look great!
RM, Home Confetti

Erin said...

This is so awesome! I was going to do the juice box mummys for our Halloween party but I'm totally doing this instead! Perfect! Thanks.

Christy said...

OOOOHHH, this is so cute! I can imagine it with the little bitty water bottles too...too cute!!!

PS Bummer that my blogger account is not linking to my blog?! Its Maybe it will work this time.

Christy said...

OOOH. I had my security really locked down or something. It should work now.