Chalkboard Place Settings

Monday, December 19, 2011
I saw this idea for a chalkboard set up last year at Tatortots and Jello, and I had to try it out!  I'm kinda, sorta a chalkboard addict. 
I have never heard of this, but apparently there is a plastic primer spray you can put down before you spray something (plastic) with paint so it sticks better.  I found my can at Hobby Lobby. 
I also found these chargers at Hobby Lobby on clearance for less than a dollar a piece. 
I primed. 
I chalked.
I doodled. 
I also snagged some plastic ornaments from the dollar sport at Target. 
I marked off my area with painter's tape, and I sprayed.  Next time, I'd get the brush on chalkboard paint, or cover the whole thing (not being sprayed with newspaper b/c I don't have accurate aim with spray paint). 

 Add a ribbon, add a guest, and enjoy....and if you don't enjoy,  you can write a complaint to your host on the supplied surfaces.

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Lori said...

Or put then persons name on the plate too with chalk. Love this idea. Great find on the chargers.