Snowman: Choclate Dipped Cherry Snowmen

Thursday, December 15, 2011
How easy and cute are these guys?   I originally saw this idea last Christmas on Linette's blog here.  I adapted these a VERY little bit.  Instead of melted chocolate/piped faces I used edible pens I bought at the craft store in the cake decorating section. 
I melted white chocoalte at 30 second intervals in the microwave.  I stir every thirty seconds, white chocolate usually melts faster than darker chocolates, and it was ready for dipping at one minute.  I dipped, placed these guys on wax paper to harden (in the fridge so it would go faster-I'm still acquiring the virtue of patiences).  Once the chocolate was hard I doodled the face, and then gobbled them down and got to work on a larger array for party tray festivities.  These would be really cute in a tin of Christmas cookies with a collection of other sugared friends. 

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