Valentine's Day: Heart On-A-Stick

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
My friend Mary told me that she used to buy peppermints on clearance, and she and her girl scounts used to create hearts out of two of the peppermints to deliver to nursing homes for Valentine's Day.  I always wanted to try this, and I even bought candy canes anticipating this kind of project.  Then, last year this was featured  in Family Fun, the idea is originally from the blog The Idea Room.  A lot of pals tried it out, including Erin from Making Memories, and I knew I had to do it now so I could get some rest. 
How cute, how easy, and a stick?  Yes, please. 
A lot of the tutorials take two small candy canes, rest them down, and then pour white chocolate inside.  I decided to use the larger candy canes, heat the oven on low for about 5 minutes, and then mold my hearts together, and snip off the excess. 
Add a me, I have plenty of these on hand. 
Add melted chocolate and sprinkles, another thing NOT in short supply at my house. 
Wrap, and make friends. 


Anji* said...

Too cute! I actually love them with just the hearts melted together too, without the chocolate filling. They would look cute hanging on a ribbon on the Christmas tree!

Erin said...

Christy, you are wonderful! Thanks for the shout out! Yours turned out so great!!! <3

Carli Nicole said...

oh how fun! I love it!