Peeps: Bunny in a Hole Push Pop

Thursday, March 29, 2012
 Last year the push pop craze began, and I ordered a few...hundred.  I saw this idea on Craft Gossip.  I used the same method for filling the container.  Two mini cupcakes sandwiched between layers of icing. 
 Add the top of a peep bunny head. 
 Dispose of the bottom of the bunny carefully :gulp:..and tada....a bunny hole.  You could add grass, but around Easter my grass comes in pastel colors...not that boring green stuff. 

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tt.scraps said... cute!! AND this makes me smile because it's how I met you!!! You sold some of the 1000 you had and I was lucky enough to get some!! Of course, now that I think about it, I haven't used them Not even sure where they are right now. LOL! That's okay, I got a BBFF out of it! :)