Skinny Mac and Cheese.....Really

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
 There are a few things that will always be a part of my life.  Mac and makes the list.  The problem is there are certain times in my, the day before June 1st and the official OFFICIAL start to swim suit season that I realize the food company I keep and the swim suit section at every store on planet earth are not friends.  I mean.....if you are willing to throw in a nice cover up and by coverup....I mean mu mu....then maybe, but...a mu mu gets bulky to pack on vacation, so...enter....Skinny Mac and Cheese a la Skinny Girl's blog.  And you know what, I can dig it.  I added some seasoning salt, but I managed to make a meal or three out of this.  It was filling, it was a good substitute for those of us in need, and  if one can lose 20 pounds in 20 hours.....I'm pretty much almost, but not really ready for swimsuit season.....but I will June.  And if you too have trouble fitting the mu mu in the suitcase, here's a recipe to help....  
Skinny Mac and Cheese Recipe
Ingredients:  6 c. (24 oz bag) frozen cauliflower and cheese sauce, 2 c. uncooked whole wheat pasta, 3 wedges of Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese, salt and pepper to taste. 
Instructions:  Cook pasta according to the instructions on the box.  Drain.  While noodles are cooking, place the contents of the bag of cauliflower and sauce package into a large microwaveable bowl.  Cover and microwave for 12-16 minutes (until sauce is melted and the cauliflower is hot).  Add cooked pasta to the cauliflower mix.  Unwrap the cheese wedges, place in microwave in a small bowl for 30 seconds.  Stir into the bowl of cauliflower mix.  Mix thoroughly.  Season to taste. 
4 servings:  1 c.=202 calories or 5 pointsplus values

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Jessica said...

Yummy! Oh how I miss cheese, especially mac and cheese! Darn dairy free diet! Just know that I am day dreaming about eating this!
Thanks for the tease!