Friday, June 15, 2012

Personalized Bracelets

 I have the hardest time finding the perfect gifts for people.  I recently had a pal graduating, and I wanted to find something personal, something that screamed her name, and made a statement about where she has been, and where she is heading as she starts the next chapter of her life.  I met Ashley last year while traveling down the Amazon River on a mission trip.  She'd love to serve in Brazil full time someday serving the people, and God.  I found this bible verse that pretty much says it all I wanted to incorporate into a gift with her from Isaiah 6:8, the end in particular:  Here I am, send me!  I respect, and crave to be the person that puts my 'Yes!' on the table and then strap in for the adventure God takes me on when my heart is totally open to His plan.  That's Ashley.  In addition, I thought this would be more meaningful written in Portuguese on some sort of jewelry. Eis-me aqui, envia-me a mim! She has a ring she wears that is written in Spanish, and mentioned once she wished it was in Portuguese (the main language in Brazil).  After a hunt on Etsy, I found One Eyed Fox's Shop....I'm in love.  I don't get anything for saying this, other than the fact that I really do love the bracelet, and after conversations....because the day I got it I instantly emailed and started a conversation that involved ordering five more....and it turns out Miko is talented and nice.
I just have to share a cool find-she has great prices, and great merchandise. 
 She will engrave inside and out up to 50 letters each.  There are different alphabets, jewelery designs, and symbols you can choose from.... 
These are made of an aluminum material, which was important b/c my cousin is getting one of these and she is allergic to nickle, so her jewelery choices are limited. 
I ordered another five for the gals I love that I served and sweated with last year, and get to spend another week with shortly on the Amazon.  I'm sure I'll be placing another order after getting to know a new batch of friends, and I plan on personalizing some other jewelry for friends and their upcoming events.  Like I said, I have no reason to say this other than.....I think it's a great find!!  I love home businesses, especially when the projects are done well by nice people.  Check.  And.  Check!  Can't wait to share why God sent us all to the Amazon again this summer.....Here I am, Send me!  Head on over and tell Miko I said, 'Hi!' reason other than my need to introduce nice people to nice people!