Red, White and Blue Jello

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
 I saw the idea for these layered jellos at Greenacres and decided it was just what I was looking for to serve to a mix of family, including a three year old who has not outgrown the beauty of jello just yet.  It helps that I have a collection of people in my life that have babies, who eat out of these perfect size jars.  The two boxes of jello would easily make at least 10 jars filled with jello, I used the smaller of the two and red....flavor is less of a factor, it's the color I was going for.  I also topped each with whipped cream. 
These are pretty self explanatory, but make the first jello according to the instructions, pour it in the jars, cover and let these chill for 4 hours+. 
 Repeat this step with the red jello. 
 Add cool whip.
 These would travel well to picnics in coolers....and it's the perfect size cup.

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