Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tator Tot Bar

 I recently had my family over for dinner.  My extended family is notoriously picky....and are OK calling tatortots 'vegetables.'  I had seen the chile/cheese smothered tatortots on the Sonic menu one of the 4,356 times I went to get a happy hour route 44 last month, and I decided, despite never having actually tried them, this was right up the family food palet.  Don't.  Judge.  I was right.  I merged the idea with serving tatortots in these tin cans via a camping theme party I stumbled on recently. 
 Just like a nacho bar, you could really take this idea to town and add all sorts of fun peppers and cheese, but adding onions was pretty much as adventurous as the family was going to get along with a pot of chili, and nacho cheese. 
 If the tin cans get old....I can't honestly say my family appreciated the little button adorned wheels I made, the boats were a fun alternative. 
I'd definitely bring this idea back for the fall sometime....I'm a fan.  I wish I didn't know I was a fan.  I'm going to go spend the rest of June trying to forget that so they don't accidentally make their way onto my order next time I'm dropping by Sonic....


Erin said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE it! I love tater tots and these sound delish! Plus, served in a can? Too cute! My kids would freak for this (minus the onion, of course.) And I've gotten them from Sonic =o) They are quite tasty! =o)

Diane said...

Very cool idea. Great for a party or family dinner.