Monday, August 20, 2012

Bat Taggie

 It would be fair to say it's a LITTLE early for Halloween 'stuff', but....there is no 'fair' on this blog, a fall craft I just completed.  I've been trying to fill my goddaughter's mailbox on a regular basis, and this summer I went through the holidays (more to come) and came up with some little crafts to send her way.  Pretty much everything I send becomes an edible treat for her teething ways, so....I decided to embrace her favorite hobby and make a taggie.  I've wanted to make one for awhile, and I've seen a ton of ideas, but I decided to find a holiday it might be fun.  This would have worked with any shape, but I realized I've never featured 'bats' as a Halloween craft, and it's time I start padding that file.  I googled plush bat designs and found one I tried to copy.  I'm attaching a link to the pattern I drew based on a few designs I fell in love with.  Googly eyes wins every time.
Here are all the pieces cut out.  I used felt because it cost 25 cents a sheet and some scrape sheets for the eyes, so this was made for WELL under a dollar.
 Here is the template I drew to cut out the pattern.
I doubled each wing and stitch them with white because I kind of like the look.  I decided I didn't want to turn this inside out since felt won't fray like usual fabric, so I just pinned little strips of scrap ribbon between the two bat patterns after I had sewed on the eyes and fangs.  I also pinned the wings inside the body.
 I sewed around and stuffed it with a little stuffing, then finished it off. 
 And now...a chew toy....I mean, a bat plushy for cute baby a few too many zip codes away from me. 
And now....I'm off to cut out and create turkey crafts....