Girl's Hair Accessory

Friday, August 17, 2012

 I made a dress I'll be posting about tomorrow for my Goddaughter.  It's frilly.  Her Mama understands the importance of a big bow.  Her Godmother understands the importance of a big bow with bling.  I put this together to go with her dress.  It's basically a big ol' chew toy for her right now. 
 Some of the fluff I bought at the craft store.  I made a little rolled flower using the same method as this necklace and I glued on some pearls to go with her 'diamond' studded feather fluffy thingamabob. 
 I glued all three pieces down to a piece of felt.
 I glued the felt onto the headband I also bought at the craft store, and I glued another piece of felt across the back to hold it all together even a little more securely.


Shane and Laine said...

Fun! I need to learn how to mak these!

Christy said...

I'll be happy to teach are going to need a supply. I just got finished crafting a little something for baby Quinn....just you wait. ;o)

Shane and Laine said...

EEK!! Get excited:)

Regan and Dave said...

By FAR our most favorite of her "bling" items!