Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paint-By-Numbers....With Friends

I was recently clearing pictures off of my phone, and I completely forgot to blog about this little get together, and it really was a blog worthy night.  Somehow my job at work over the last few years has morphed into helping with the social events.  At the end of the school year, at the suggestion of some of the gals who have done this before, some of us decided to go to one of the local painting places.  These have been popping up all over Dallas, and I suspect further.  They have different names, I have no preference, we just chose one close to work.  Gnosh, Letsartparty, Painting with a Twist.  Each month they come out with a calendar of paintings you can choose between.  You choose a painting, and essentially the night they are going to 'create' that painting (if you have a big enough party you aren't tied to the art schedule, you can book the place for free.  Some of my friends have been taking their kiddos, and themselves to birthday parties under this painting umbrella).  We chose a pretty basic design (we voted, very democratic, I know....I used to teach Social Studies).  You show up and the place provides everything, the canvas, the paint...more paint if you are a fan of globs.  I am.  The apron, the brushes, and the instructor.  You can bring your own drink, and your own food. 
The 'class' lasted two hours with a break in the middle.  The instructor was really nice, and he took us step by step by easy step to create our art work.  There was a table (really, a room) full of people with all sorts of varying art skills, most of us don't paint, so.....it was great.  You can choose different colors, and a few ladies, not in our group, branched out, but even with us all following the same steps (they instructor and another lady also walked around and helped), they are all a little different, but all something we are hanging in our rooms/homes/garages.  Everyone really did have a good time.  It makes me nervous to plan new outings not knowing how they will go, and I think we were all in agreement this was definitely something we'd do again.  So....if you have a group, a birthday, friends, need to make friends, blank space on your wall.....I'm a fan of these painting places.  Just sayin'.


Kristen Petrini said...

That looks like so much fun! Let me know if y'all ever do it again because I would love to go :)

Lori said...

so do you call these places and ask them about coming there while they are creating painting? I am very interested in doing this, just not clear how it works...thanks!


Christy said...

You would have the BEST time! There are a bunch of different places around-G'Nosh, Painting with a Twist etc. They have a calendar of the next month up on their site with pictures of paintings and times. You can go online and find the one you want to make....sign up for the time online and just show up (with your food and drink if you want). They will have a place set up for you (and any friends who join) and all the supplies (paint, brushes, water/towels etc) and an instructor who stands at the fron on a little stage. It's informal and fun. The instructor shows you how to create the painting step by step. In 2 hours you walk out with a canvas painting you did yourself!