Apple Pie In-A-Can

Thursday, September 27, 2012
I saw the idea for making apple pie in cans at Adventures in Cooking and I fell in love with the idea for a fall dinner.  Seriously, how cute would these be as place settings, and other than the innards, the containers are free?!  I just made a few adaptations, but the basic idea is this....
Fill a can (look for bpa free) with pie crust (honestly, I found it's probably best NOT to fill it all the way to the bottom because it may leave raw portions, so I just filled the top half off the sides, and then wove the topping. 
 Use your favorite filling, apples.....just about the one dessert you can't mess up...
Only filling half the cant with dough I was able to fill five cans with one 9 inch round of store bought dough.  I cut strips and 'wove' a top, then pressed the seams along the side letting it overlap a bit.  I used some water.  I brushed the top with an egg white/water mix and sprinkled it with some cinnamon sugar. 
 I baked these for about 30 minutes (until the tops were golden brown).  If you choose to fill the whole can, I'd add another 15 minutes at least, cover the top for the first half of the baking with foil to make sure it doesn't burn. 
Seriously, I'm a fan of the can baking. 

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