Bats and Boo Frosted Candles

Sunday, September 16, 2012
 I discovered that one can of spray can create frosted 'anything' a few years back...I'm putting together some frosted fun for tomorrow's GMT segment, and here are a few Halloween candle holders I've been working on.  I've seen variations on this, but here is my 'how to.' 
First up, a bat shadow candle.  My pal Heather cleaned out her fridge and brought me all these pickle jars.  Free candle holder?  Yes, please.  I found these bat stickers at Michael's and I just slapped them around the cleaned jar. 
 I then took the glass frosting (I found this at Hobby Lobby and used a coupon, so it was about 4 bucks, but it goes a long way....assuming you don't lose it somewhere in your house which might or might not have happened to my first can).  They also sell paint, but I discovered it does leave some streaks etc, and the spray goes on so much smoother....
Spray.  Dry.  30 minutes later. 
 The stickers pealed right off. 
Next up, an olive jar.....
 You could use letter stickers, but I decided I wanted a different font/size from the stickers I had, so I used my Xerox sticker maker (I get nothing for saying that, but...I do like this little guy (also sold at any craft store).  I slid my letters down and through, and the back becomes a 'sticker.' 
 I stuck them to the jar. 
 I removed these little guys, and ta da.  Practically free candle fun for Halloween.  These would also be cute if you cut out pumpkin faces and used the sticker maker (or you could use adhesive glue spray, also sold in a can to temporarily hold it down).
I've seen variations of these with snowflake stickers, I also found some little star stickers (a more festive way to burn those mosquito tea lights in July). 

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