Crock Pot Hot Dogs

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I found the idea for cooking hot dogs via the crockpot at CrockPot365, and I thought....yes, I think I will.  It's not that hot dogs are difficult to cook, but....the grill can be messy, and so often when I'm making them, I make them with something else.  They just become an after thought....something I have to throw on the grill when everything else is finished.  The awesome thing about the crock pot is that you can fill it up with as many as will fit, set it on low, don't add water or anything else,  and let them cook for about 4 hours.  They taste like the ones you get off the roasters.  I'm absolutely doing this in the future.  A put it in and forget it kind of meal?  That's my language. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, like I'd probably put it in and really forget it! :D