Saturday, September 01, 2012

Fall (Thanksgiving) Wreath

 A friend of mine gave me some speckled yarn as she was cleaning out a project.  It sat in the box while I tried to figure out how to use it.  I stumbled across a wreath using similar yarn on etsy, and I adapted it to make a Thanksgiving/fall wreath for my door (sure, it may seem early to you, but I'm already filling Easter baskets at my least I waited until a month that can boast some fall weather...sometimes....before posting about this summer project).  Clearly, the other 37 or so wreaths I've made for just about every week of the year aren't enough.  Sadly, unless you are a producer for Hoarders, in which case, you can add this to my future resume.....I had everything but a few of the felt colors I wanted already at my house....included this foam wreath form....already wrapped in some burlap.  It turned out to be a good thing it was covered because I wrapped the yarn around as tightly together as I could, but if any does peek through, you see a color more in tune with the yarn than the green foam wreath underneath the burlap. 
 Like most of the wreaths I make, the only thing this one requires is a little time, and not a lot of talent, you simply wrap the yarn around...and around...and around some more. 
I then took felt and I cut out the shapes below in various sizes from about 5 inches to 2 inches across.  I cut a 'bumpy' spiral (this blog post might  benefit from a visit to the thesaurus....but...that's not going to happen).  This just gives it more of a petal-ee look.  I held them in place with clothes pins...
 I used hot glue to hold the felt into place and more to add the flowers to one portion of the wreath along with some flowers. 
Now I'm off to solve some quantum physics problems I've been struggling through...and when I say quantum physics, I mean catch up on mindless reality tv and paint my toe nails because I'm deep like that.