Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liar, Liar...Petti Romper

So.....I'm obsessed with these cute little petti rompers.  I made a little dress last month for my goddaughter.  She's a-dor-able in it.  Duh.  So.....I have a friend who is currently hatching baby #6.  Her first five little blessings are all boys!  They are adorable, but there isn't a bow or piece of lace anywhere in her world, and it's time.  I decided this is the friliest most frivilous thing I could create for her.  I also decided, thought it 'sounds' easy, it would be easier if I could find a little romper already made, then I just have to attach the lace and I don't have to worry about measurements and :gag: elastic.  I found this little gray romper at target.
Uh....the skull doesn't really scream pastor's daughter, so I removed it.....that was the most difficult part of this whole project!  Please notice the remote, it's an important part of this project....it was shark week on the Nature Channel and the sharks and I were able to do quite a few little projects together that week.
I couldn't find any gray lace at the stores.  My friends suggested I buy white lace and dye it gray, which was an option, but I ended up purchasing 4 yards of lace on ebay for a really good price, AND it's super soft, which is a plus.  I pinned it around the leg, leaving an opening near the buttons, and I used a zigzag stitch to hold the top onto the of romper.  This gives it a little more 'stretch.'

Once I had the legs done, I just started pinning and sewing lace all the way up to the top of the romper.

I can't even tell you how much easier it was to let Target do most of the sewing and sizing....I was just in charge of the fluff.  I'm definitely going to be on the look out for more little rompers, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a one woman factor when it comes to these little frilly creations.  I'm also pretty sure that if I ever have kiddos-for the sake of my banking account they should probably be all boys. 
Here's a close look at the little hair accessory.
This is a tutorial for making these little head pieces.  This time I actually just used some gray felt to make the flower and a gray pearl I had left over from a project. 


Amanda and Cade Butler said...

SO cute!!!

Ella said...

Love love love!!! Cannot wait to see her in it...hopefully she''ll have a name by then! :) thank you so much!!!!