Pumpkin Lantern

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm sharing a bunch of candle holders for da fall this Monday on GMT.  Here is a sneak peak at a super easy one the kiddos can do....
 First, do you know about these little flameless lights?  They sell them for a buck for 3, they last 60 hours, flicker like a real candle, have a little orange glow, and you can put them in your 'real' pumpkin, or pop them down in your candle holders.  I don't get anything for saying that, but I think they are cool. 
 For this little lamp....I had this little fish bowl.  I originally bought it at the dollar store approximately one million years ago when I was a newbie teacher.  I filled it with marbles for good behavior......never gets old.  I don't need it anymore.  I haven't given up on good behavior, but I do the small group thing now....so, it was time to give it new life, but I see these on every shelf at the thrift store for pennies. 
 I tore up a piece of orange tissue paper, mod podged the glass, plopped the tissue down and just kept over lapping. 
I cut out the face with black tissue, attached it with another brush of mod podge, then I brushed the whole thing with mod podge to make it all 'stick' down to the glass for life.  It would be fun to add a different face to the other side so the pumpkin could decide what mood it was in today, or be enjoyed from any angle in the room.  It would also be cute to fill this with candy....sorry, I just went on a really long run and I think a toilet bowl of candy sounds like a good idea right now.  As does donuts.  And snickers.  Lots more Halloween lights on the way.....

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Lori said...

Now I love this idea! So easy, so adorable.