Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cord Covers

 My Mom's friend makes and sells these lamp cord house has never been classy enough to house these....until now.  Look, I'm all about sewing, but I'm the last person who is going to figure out what sort of cover is non flammable, and how to pull these inside out and finish them off, and I sure don't know where to find these gorgeous silk fabrics.....sooooo...if you are in my boat, I'm sharing these fun finds just because they are pretty, and I know for a fact they are made in America by a sweet lady.  :O)
 They have 9 foot cord covers, and these 4 foot chandelier covers that have this stick tape you pull off to wrap around the cord (I didn't even think about that until I went to install and just realized I can pull the cord out of the wall...without major consequences). 
Here is the website with additional colors.