Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Gifts

Now that the stores are winding down their Christmas supplies and rolling out their cadberry eggs (they do this because there are people like me in the world), so I figured I'd share one of my gifts for this upcoming Christmas with just a little over a month of shopping left...and then go work on my St. Patrick's Day line up...or something. 
A majority of my friends have kids now.  Not having any  kids of my own, it's always difficult to think of the 'perfect gift'....especially when they live far away and I don't know A)  What they have and B)More than the basics of what they love.  When I visit, it seems as though their grandparents cover the spoiling (I keep trying to get them to adopt me too), so this year for the 3 year olds in my life I'm doing the 12 days of Christmas.  I figured these are things they can enjoy opening before Christmas day by day to get them in the spirit, but also things they can enjoy and then put away at the end of the season so they have plenty of room in their toy boxes for those special deliveries from family and Santa. 
I raided the craft section of Michael's, nothing is very expensive, lots of ornament painting/glittering/coloring kits, stickers, seasonal head gear, jewelry making kits, hot chocolate.  Big and little...
 I wrapped each and added tags to denote when each one should be opened.  So....for those kiddos I don't get to corrupt with crafts.....I've found a long distance way to get the deed done....somebody is going to need to decorate my nursing home someday and I don't have my own kids yet, so...just in case...I'm lining up visits from craft kids my friends are producing by the bus load these days.