Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scotty Ornament

 I started a tradition last year to give my Goddaughter an ornament each year for Christmas.  I chose a 'dog' theme because my pal Regan (her mama) and I are dog enthusiast, AND when Regan was growing up, her Godmother sent her a dog ornament each Christmas, which, as an adult, she lost in a move :O(.  Last year I tried to send an ornament that looked like the ones Regan used to get, but this year, I decided I'd stick with the dog theme each year, but I want to provide a variety.  I decided to make a little Scotty Dog.  I don't know why these are associated with Christmas, it's the imaginary scarves they are always wearing, I guess, but I'm game.  I cut out the shape of a Scotty on felt....
 Here's the free downloadable outline I used.  I sewed on button eyes, and added the date to the back with a little stitching. 
I sewed the edges with red ribbon to give it some pizazz, stuffing it before closing the last little bit up and added a ribbon for hanging, and a little collar and bell.  I'm not planning on making the ornament each year, but....year two she got a lil' homemade guy.  My friend gives her grandkids an ornament each year, and each grandkid gets something different-Santa, Snowmen, Angels etc.  How great will that be on their tree someday?  Here's hoping Micah is the fan of dogs, but I'm sure her Mama will explain the significance someday...just trying to do the Godmother thing 'right.'  ;o)