Monday, November 12, 2012

Micah and Regan's Visit

I don't know if I've mentioned I have the cutest goddaughter on planet earth.  True story.  Micah and mama, my friend of 25 years, which makes her my sister by God's grace came to visit Nov 1st-5th.  Micah's daddy is serving in Afghanistan, and I've been fortunate to get to spend time with Regan when he has deployed over the years, and this go 'round, little nugget got to meet Texas and all that is good about living here (starting the brainwashing early).  She celebrated her first day of month 11th on her way out.  Friday the three of us gals hit up Canton.  It had been a hectic week on my end, complete with a lingering headache that left me a little out of it, and an outrageous crowd of shoppers, but it's one of those experience I have wanted Regan to see for years.  In truth, we really gathered a bunch of ideas to try out for Micah, with a side of super cute stuff.  More on that later! 
Micah did well considering all we asked of her with the crowds and the standing in lines.  Homegirl does have a pair of lungs.  She doesn't whimper, cry, or squeak-she shrieks at octaves so high the dogs were coming.  Good or bad, this is how she chooses to express her self.  It works.    I'm kind of a fan.  I'm thinking of implementing it into my own daily routine....I'll let you know how that turns out.
I also bought one of everything at every baby store from here to Oklahoma, including these sparkle-I love Santa pjs complete with a tutu.  We posed her for a bunch of pictures that will grace some Christmas cards this year. 
Despite all the new toys she acquired, the key to Micah's heart is straws, plates, and empty plastic bottles.  Clearly, I need to tutor her on pearls and heels, but she's young....I'm heading up for emergency shopping sessions in January. 
We also chugged out to Autumn at the Arboretum where I grabbed some more photos.  More than all the straws and plates combined she is a mama's girl and the smile she has in store every time she looks at her mama is to die for. 
She also was completely fine with the 817 pictures I took over the week and willing to pose in some pretty spectacularly adorable shots.  I'm not exaggerating about that number either.....look, I had 10 months to catch up on...I haven't held her or photographed her in 10 months. 
The arboretum is filled with Chihuly glass right now.....Micah isn't quite mobile enough to do damage.....
...but it was great to see and it's been on my list to get out there before it disappears along with the pumpkins.   We had some record breaking heat for the weekend, but she hung out like a trouper. 
Day three we snagged a ton more photos.  It didn't matter what bucket we sat her in, bubbles we blew in her face....
...or antique frame we propped her in....she was ready for her photo op.  I immediately canceled any future DNA testing, she is her mother's daughter ;o).
I grabbed a few photos, my baby didn't want to be excluded.  Lilly and Peanut were unsure of the new puppy I added to the pack, but they haven't run away from home yet. 
We fed the ducks at the park down the road....where I used to run,,,,but then I ate four cinnamon buns and lucky charms for 4 I waddle around the park now....
...and I died.  Again.
Meet Melvin, one of the 6,547 gifts from Aunt Christy.  Regan loves penguins, so at this age everyone knows you give babies want mom would want.  Regan will end up with the penguin, Micah gets the straw and everyone is happy.  She really just held him long enough to squeeze him, take a bit out of his cheek, leave some yogurt in his fur and chunk him across the park. 
...and please look at this dress we found in Canton for her Christmas.  The reason Regan can't live closer is because if she did....I'd show up at her house and this is what she would look like every time we headed to Walmart.  Homegirl needs to be able to enjoy a pair of soft pants and onsies every now and then too. 
Despite all the things we squeezed into three days, it was much too fast, but I get to head up to see her and celebrate our 'one year baptismanniversary' in just a little over two months.  Which means I was able to hold the tears to about 15 minutes when she flew off.  Why did I share all this.....other than the obvious fact that pictures this cute are too cute not to share?  I need to explain the next batch of crafts I'll be posting from here until December 2023.  A true crafting muse-goddaughters! 


Regan and Dave said...

We had the BEST time EVER!!!! Our princess did spectacular (of course) and Mommy is recovering more than she is! We are definiately going to do the every 6 months! We have to keep up on our shopping and crafting if our little one is going to learn "the ways"! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she could be a model when she grows up! :)