Friday, November 30, 2012

Ornaments: The Day You Were Born Newspaper

 My cousin-in-law blessed our family with the newest member to our family December 29, 2011.  I have seen newspaper covered ornaments on the internet, but I decided to apply this idea using the headlines on the paper on the day Jonathan Noel was born.  I used a paper mache ornament I bought at the craft store. 
 I cut out all the headlines, weather, cartoons from the day, the price of cars, the stock market news, movie advertisements, TV schedules, etc, and glued them to the ornament's faces.  I then used adhesive spray glue and glitter to make it festive. 
 I added a ribbon, and the date and Jonathan's name and birth information to a tag on top. 
 Jonathan will be able to look back over the years and see some of the things that shaped the world on the day he was born, as he continues to shape ours on each day that followed this blessing. 


Angela said...

What an awesome way to preserve the date of birth news! I've always wanted to keep the newspapers from my kiddos births but just having a pile of newspapers wasn't practical to keep. What a neat idea!

Shane and Laine said...

Well good grief...why didn't you post this back in October:)