Kiddos Color Your Own Thank You Cards

Monday, December 24, 2012
If you've ever sent me a gift, I hope you know a good, prompt thank you card follows.  I've always loved to send and receive a nice thank you.  In this day in age with text, email, mail, unlimited phone seems so easy.....and yet....  
 My friend Mary told me when her kids were little she sat them down with thank you cards and gifts from family and they could not open the next gift until they had written a thank you card for the first gift.  I've never NOT received a thank you card from any of her adult kiddos when I've sent them gifts for one reason or another. 
I  made these using a free block font I found online for some kids to color that my friends are helping support, more on this later,'s not a bad idea for any kid that might be too young to write the details inside, but certainly would enjoy creating/coloring a little picture.  So, with a day of gift giving coming up tomorrow....I'm attaching a free printable for these cards (after I came up with this thought I googled it, and-of course, you can purchase cards like this online as well).  I printed mine off on 5/7 blank white notecards that I got at the craft store, but you could also run tag board through the printer, fold and trim it down.  Here is a free printable.

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