Mini New Year's Eve Calendars

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 I was trying to think of a fun little gift to give out this new mini calendar.  I found a free 2013 calendar online, and I printed it onto cardstock. 
 I trimmed it down....
 I decorated a coaster from a restaurant with a glue stick and some scrapbook paper....punched twho holes. 
I stapled the calendar onto the decorated board, added a bow, and a magnet to the backside so it can hang, and then packaged it up with some confetti and a little party popper.  :O) 


Simply Sweet by Sharon said...

Where did you find the mini printable calendar from? I can't find anything that small.

Christy said...

Hi Sharon, So sorry for the delay! I actually took a 'regular size calendar' and did print screen (just copied the calendar with the year), then put it in word so that six would fit per page. I thought I had saved the file and was on the hunt, but can't find it, BUT if I do it again next year, I'll be sure to post a link! Hope that helps a little! Happy New Year!