Reindeer: Mail Rudolf's Nose

Friday, December 07, 2012
This is a super easy idea I adapted from the 3,245 versions floating around the net.  I found some little red candies (pretzel M&M's in this case), slipped them inside one of these tubes (they sell them on Etsy) and mailed them off to some of my favorite little munckins as little Christmas surprises.  Who doesn't want a jar of rudolf noses?  It would be cut with all brown and 1 red as well, but.....I'll save that for next year.  I fixed the address to the front, and stamps along the back, and added some additional tape to the lid to hold it into place as Rudolf's noses make their journey west. 


Erin said...

How totally cute are these?!?! I want some of those tubes so I can mail some of these off too! Great idea!

Kathryn said...