Bow: Yellow Felt Bow

Monday, January 28, 2013
 Hello, my name is Christy and I'm a felt bow-a-holic.  :wipes brow:  Just 11 more steps to go.   I'll work on that....tomorrow.  Soooooo, everyone I know seems to be producing baby girls these days.  I.  Can't.  Even.  Stand.  The.  Cuteness....going on in my life right now.  Everytime I see these lil' frilly nuggets they are all glammed up with super duper cute accessories.  So.....I've done what I do best and I've deconstructed each in my head.....ran home....and....reproduced these lil' cute bows.  OK, and can I just say, these things are selling for 6-8 dollars, and they literally cost just pennies to, maybe 25 cents once you buy the supplies and if you use it to make as many bows as the materials can make.....and even if you don't, all the supplies, that would make a ton of bows is super cheap.  AND, super easy.  So.....I'm going to be deconstructing and reconstructing these bows on my blog this week.  I made all these bows for a newborn, so the elastic is about 17 inches.  The bigger the baby...add an inch or so, you can look up measurments online. 
This bow requires 6 little circles (don't is MIA here)....I cut mine to be about 1 1/2 inches.  It doesn't have to be perfect.
 Heat up a glue gun, fold one circle in half, add a dab near the crease to hold it down. 
Fold it in half again, and add another little glue near the center (you don't want to glue the whole thing, or it won't flop open a little like a petal....just glue a dot in the middle to hold it closed. 
 Start gluing this one (of four total) to one of your other squares, the base will be 1/4 of the circle.  Below is two glued down. 
 Once all four are glued, I added a pearl to the middle with more hot could also use a rhinestone....that's coming later. 
 I glued the ends of the elastic to piece number six, then glued my flower to the round circle withe the elastic to 'sandwich' and hide that elastic.  I also glued on some little leaves. 

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