Friday, January 11, 2013

Vintage Book Journals

 What better way to start a new year than with a new journal?  I saw one of these as a craft store this summer and I died.  I love golden books, or anything that looks 'old.'  I had these collecting dust in my house for almost two years now, and was time.  I tore out the pages and trimmed the ragged edges down with a paper cutter. 
 I cut the spine off the book.  I used a large paper cutter to do this as well, any office supply store should have these available to use.  I then cut down white paper and notebook paper to the size of the book pages and I placed them within the pages of the book so it's mostly a journal, but every 5-10 pages you see another page from the story, which is fun.  I used a book binder to create punches along the side, I didn't cover the raw edge because the comb does a good job of hiding it, and it really was a clean cut.  It cost me 1.35 for the comb....the books were pretty much free. 
 I just love flipping a few pages and finding a picture from these books. 
I see a lot of these journals in  my future....or should I say, in my friend's futures?