Friday, February 08, 2013

Paris Quilt

 I finally finished a quilt that has been floating around my house for a few years.  I bought this Paris themed fabric at a quilt store a few years back.  I find I'm usually drawn to pinks/reds/blacks in the quilting world, and having recently come back from a trip to visit Paris (my #1 travel destination dream for years)....this seemed like a good 'next' quilt. 
 If you've ever been to a quilt show, I love that a lot of the vendors will create pattners and preselect fabrics.  This little jelly roll=the above quilt. 
 The idea behind a quilt is that you take perfectly good fabric, cut it into a bunch of pieces.  Sew it together.
 Cut it into a bunch more pieces....
 Sew it back together. 
 This is my first...(and last ;o) 'little patch' quilt. 
I added a boarder and I machine appliqued the Eiffel tower. 
I took the quilt and the backing to the quilter (which makes me more a 'piecer' than a 'quilter) and I asked her to use words from my travels in Paris to 'quilt' the two sides together.  I had her use pink, here is the back (to give you a good view of the script). 
 A few details from the front....just a bunch of my favorite places around Paris, with a close up of some of the fabric squares. 
 This will go into a pile in my guest room, but....if I ever need a Paris quilt....I'm ready.