Spinach Dip

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love love love this dip, and it's so easy, and so delicious.  It's so easy....I won't even wax lyrical about it, I'll just get straight to business so I can get back to eating above mentioned spinach dip. 
Instructions for making Spinach Dip:  Mix 16 oz of sour cream, one packet of ranch dressing seasion mix, a small (thawed and well drained) package of frozen spianch, 1/2 jar of drained/chopped water chestnuts (optional).  Mix well and refridgerate.  Buy a loaf of Hawaiian Bread and hallow out the innards to create a bowl.  Tear up the insides and place around the center for dipping out the spianch dip and eating. 

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